Pyrenee Drive

Pyrenee Drive

Pyrenee Drive is a driving assistance device that improves your driving experience while helping you avoid accidents. Simply placed on your dashboard, it's quick and easy to use.

The device constantly monitors the situation on the road with its stereo cameras, helping you avoid accidents by alerting you of any potential collisions with pedestrians and drivers via on-screen notifications and sounds.


Over 70% of traffic accidents are caused by drivers being slow to perceive hazards, so swiftly alerting drivers of dangers is highly effective for accident prevention.

Users can also view and control their music, phone calls, and navigation apps right on the Pyrenee Drive's transparent screen, simply by connecting their smartphone to the device.

Traffic accidents caused by smartphone use while driving are on the rise around the world, but with this functionality drivers can use their phones on the road both practically and safely.




Bringing a Driving Assistance System to Every Car

Equipped with the latest in image recognition technology


The device uses its cameras to spot pedestrians and other vehicles, constantly monitoring their speed, distance and location in relation to you to determine whether you're at risk of collision.

Cameras constantly monitor the situation while driving


The device alerts you with sounds and lights as soon as it detects a potential accident.

Displays visuals from your smartphone


Apps from your smartphone, including navigation, music, and more, are displayed on the device's transparent screen while you drive.

Easily added to any car


There's no need for any complication installation process, so you can easily mount the device in your car by yourself.


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